So I'm going back to siggraph this year as a student volunteer again, and this time I have more stuff to show while I'm there.  Not only do I have my short film and the start of a TD reel, but a visualization I programed is going to be displayed outside of the Emerging Technologies and Art Gallery room. How cool is that!
hey look a screenshot
So all the booths in that room have QR codes next to them that people can scan with their phones and I took that data and tried to figure out where people are moving to.  The screen shot is just using random data to run since the conference hasn't started yet but I imaging the real thing should look just like that but only more awesome because it will be at siggraph! 

Its written in Processing which I hadn't used before but was pretty easy and fun since its just a flavor of Java with more graphics going on.  I had fun doing it and it was a nice review since I got to use some programing concepts I haven't used since sophomore or junior year at ISU.
I'm heading to LA in two weeks to go to Siggraph again, so right now I am in hardcore prep mode.  My business cards just came in, I've put up a new demo reel(although I'm going to make a few changes that were suggested on the cgtalk forums), now I just need to print off some resumes and and burn some dvds to hand out.

Work is kinda boring. I've just been programming the entire time I've been there rather than animating like I was expecting to. We're nearing a release though so I might be able to move on to something else soon.