So I've been in Vancouver for about 5 weeks now going to VFS to study Digital Character Animation.  Its been fun getting to know the other students and working on my own film.  I got my apartment a block from school last week and I'm really enjoying being this close to campus.  10 minutes a day of commuting is so much better then an hour especially when class goes to 10pm

I've started trying to write some python scripts to do things in maya that can be a pain in the ass.  The coolest one is a script that makes towers based on a curve profile and stacking an object on top of itself over and  over.  I call it 'Towerfy' and its been really helpful for the set I'm making.  I'll probly do a post or video about it once I get it to a 1.0 stage, but its up on my bitbucket account right now.
So since what I'm working on at work isn't really a real game I've started working on my own.  I'm going for something between a tower defense and flying game.

I've put together the basics of my movement classes pretty quick, but still need to do some polishing

the blue ship is controlled by the arrow keys
the red ship moves toward the mouse
the green ships move toward the mouse, but decelerate if the mouse is behind them.

the blue turrets point directly at the mouse
the red turrets point at the mouse but can only turn so fast

next up is adding bullets, targeting, and damage
I've been working at grasshorse for a few weeks now.  They've had me working on programing for a flash game, which has been interesting and I've learned a few new skills in the process but I would much rather be working on art work.  Its still early in the summer so I assume I'll be working on some soon.

I'm a siggraph student volunteer again this year so I'm ramping up for that.  On the todo list is to actually put together my demo reel and print off some biz cards and resumes.

So I received my wacom tablet in the mail yesterday and I've been playing with it ever since. It is definitely a lot easier to use than just a mouse especially when I'm doing texture painting in blender.  I've also been using it instead of my mouse for every day use,  it fails in a few places but with our un-ergonomic desks at the house it has been better on my wrist.

In other news I've just taken pictures of my traditional artwork from the past year.  I still need to do some tweaking in photoshop but they should be up some time this weekend. I should put my 3d stuff up right now but I  don't think I'm motivated enough right now.


I finally have a website up and running.  Its still not much to look at but it will come along eventually.  Since I'm volunteering at Siggraph this year I need to get this thing in decent shape before I get there, since that is probly the best chance I have at getting an internship for next summer.

Besides website stuff I am starting to miss living is Sweden.  Mostly just the independence of it all.  I do enjoy living in the fraternity house but there can be a lot of distractions when I am in the mood to work on something.  And I miss taking a walk in the woods or next to the lake at 3 or 4 in the morning and having it still be light out.