So I've been in Vancouver for about 5 weeks now going to VFS to study Digital Character Animation.  Its been fun getting to know the other students and working on my own film.  I got my apartment a block from school last week and I'm really enjoying being this close to campus.  10 minutes a day of commuting is so much better then an hour especially when class goes to 10pm

I've started trying to write some python scripts to do things in maya that can be a pain in the ass.  The coolest one is a script that makes towers based on a curve profile and stacking an object on top of itself over and  over.  I call it 'Towerfy' and its been really helpful for the set I'm making.  I'll probly do a post or video about it once I get it to a 1.0 stage, but its up on my bitbucket account right now.